Healthy Habits 001: Why I take Spirulina every day

Hello all.

Did you eat your daily recommended servings of fruits and veggies this week? How do you even know if you are getting the recommended? That all depends on your age/gender/other information. I was curious, so I found this chart which basically breaks it down really simply for you…take a look:


So apparently one servings  equals 1/2 cup of raw or cooked vegetables or vegetable juice or 1 cup of leafy raw vegetables. Like the vegetable group, cup size matters here, too. One serving equals 1 cup of fruit or 100 percent fruit juice, or 1/2 cup of dried fruit.

I need about 21 cups of vegetables per week (Im not even going to begin trying to get the variety described in the chart either, that’s another hurdle), which equates to 42 servings?? Thats a lot! About 5 or so servings daily, and this doesn’t even include your weekly suggested fruit intake, which is about the same amount as vegetables.

Going off of my current meal plan, lets say for lunch I have one cup of veggies, and another cup with Dinner, 7 days a week thats = 14 cups. Not even close to the recommended weekly amount. Who has time for that? I guess a lot of folks, but for me that will be a challenge.

So let me get to my main point here, which is why I started to take Spirulina! What the hell is ‘Spear-you-leena’ (thats how I pronounce) you say? Its my easy way of getting 5 servings of fruits/vegetables per day.

Its some blue-green algae that’s grown in ponds which has been consumed for centuries due to its high nutritional value.Its more nutritionally dense than kale. Sounds delicious right? Well, you are right, Its not the best tasting ill be the first to admit it, but what it does for you is incredible. Its tooted as “Natures Multi-Vitamin”, giving you every essential amino acid that your body needs (aka its a protein). This nutritional analysis of spirulinas nutritional makeup is quite impressive, please give it a look-over.

Let me highlight some of the major facts of Spirulina:

  1. Spirulina is approximately 65 to 71 percent protein (red meat is about 27%)
  2. Provides all eight essential amino acids in the proper ratios
  3. Provides all the required amino acids in a form that is easier to digest than meat or soy protein.
  4. Spirulina supplies several of the vitamins that all living beings need to carry on metabolic processes
  5. very high in chlorophyll (which similar to hemoglobin in your red blood cells)

From what I could find, one serving of Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica has the equivalent nutritional value of 5 servings of fruits and vegetables, which is more nutrition than any other single whole food according to the FAQ of their website.1 serving is roughly 3g which is just a teaspoon and a half! (1 tablespoon powder = 6 grams) You honestly cant get any easier than that. The Hawaiian Pacifica spirulina is the stuff I purchased from Amazon. I’ve read tons of reviews from different sources, most of which say that this is the best of the best so I went for it. DONT BUY FROM CHINA, is what the verdict is apparently. Too many toxins in their products. People say go for the powder instead of the pills, as the pill form has a bunch of additives in order for it to hold its shape…and also you have to pop 16+ per day in order to get the recommended serving size. I have both powder and pill, but have preferred the powder method as its the easiest anyways. I take a few of the spirulina pills here and there before or after meals to kind of keep the nutrition balanced and sustained throughout the day. Im just hoping that my efforts are worth it.

So what I personally do is I take 1 big spoonful every morning and add it to my morning protein shake. I dont even taste it. A lot of people add it to their shakes/smoothies to give it a nutritional boost, I dont have that kind of time to make a smoothie every morning. Ive also added a scoop to a bottle of water and add one of those crystal lite flavor packets and it was easy to drink. Find whatever works for you.

I have been taking 1 serving of Spirulina every morning for ~2 weeks now and have noticed a few things:

  1. I dont need coffee in the mornings! This was a major thing for me, it gives sustained energy levels through the day
  2. Im more alert and can focus for longer, especially on mundane tasks
  3. My poop is green and more regular (tmi)
  4. Overall I feel “better”

Ill keep taking Spirulina every day and let you all know how I feel in say a month or two. I plan on continuing using this product based on everything I have read.

There are plenty of claims of it doing all sorts of Miracles….everything from clearing acne to killing cancer. I dont take this powder for those reasoning, I take it for the nutritional benefit. I’m trying to get my weekly vegetable/fruit servings! My assumption is that due to these individuals now getting the proper nutrition in their diet, they then get the benefits that come with a complete diet. Benefits such as weight loss would can be attributed to many factors….its a protein, which means it will fill you up…making it so you’ll probably eat a little less. An indirect effect of the product itself. Do some homework and look into it yourself, most likely you’ll find that this product is something that you should be taking on the regular. Something you will look forward to taking.

Check out some reviews on Amazon for a wide range of opinions and testimonials. There are some negative reviews, one of which claims that this product caused liver damage, however by reading the responses to that review you will find that that user most likely received toxic levels of Vitamin A  by other means which caused said damage.

What supplements do you take? Has it helped you in any way?

Thanks for reading.



The long road to Financial Freedom begins now…

I realized recently that I had a problem financially. My mother is incredible with finances, she would be quite ashamed to know that her son (now 24) has an issue with unnecessary spending. Dinner, movies, nights out at the bar…things I honestly didn’t need but assumed it would be no problem paying off later. I can afford the minimum payment each month, so what’s the issue? I really wish the American education system was designed to help its future consumers by educating them more in finances (especially with credit cards), however we all know its comes down to making that sweet sweet $$$. Consumerism is a good thing! or so I have been told. For me though, my problem was reaching its ceiling, but mine wasn’t made out of glass. I had a ton of fun. You cannot put a price-tag on good memories, but for me however I sort of could. That amount,10k. I realized I had a major problem at the end of 2014, so my new years resolution was to fix that debt issue. So my journey to fix my debt began…. I read everything I could! I started my budgeting plan! I forced myself to sacrifice everything that was unnecessary (bye bye Netflix,HBO and Trader Joe’s binge shopping) I had a proper plan on how to fix this! I could do this! New years resolution, here I come…

Then I got fired. Yup, just like that. A New Year and no job. Being a contractor meant they could boot me for next to no reason and they pretty much did. I was told that due to the program coming to an end by 2016, they were letting go contractors as a means to save money by shifting the responsibilities to their full time employees. C’est la Vie. So now not only was I in debt, but unable to pay the minimum dues during this financial crisis. For the past few months I have been working odd jobs to try to make ends meet, hoping day after day that I could find another job similar or better than the position I had acquired. Luckily however, I am happy to report that in May I did just that. I have been at my current position for almost 1 month now and am forever grateful of it. Being jobless and in debt scared the shit out of me. To the point where I am grateful that it happened. Why? The lessons learned. When you are in a financial crisis it shakes you to the core….I think that’s healthy. It allowed me to see an aspect of my life that I wish to never return to. I will do everything I can to prevent that from happening. And thus, I want to start my journey now to relive myself of any debt burdens and become financially free. Wish a proper plan and a goal in mind, this is obtainable.

So how am I going to do it? Google ‘get out of debt’ and you’ll find tons and TONS of information that almost seems cookie cutter…Write down what you owe. Spend less. Write out a budget. Yada yada. Things we have all heard. I need something that will actually help me right here and now. Consolidate my debt? That sounds intimidating. I don’t even know where to begin with that. Financial experts? I’m too worried id find one that isn’t trying to help me, but rather his/her own pocket.

With my time spent I came across this free to use tool called ReadyForZero. After reluctantly logging in with my own bank credentials, it showed me exactly how much I owed which helped me put everything into perspective. I owe a lot! The tool under ‘Your Payment Plan’ shows you how long it will take for you to pay back those debts if you were to pay the minimum balance each month. For me? About 30 years. Damn. After that eye opener, It has this neat feature in which you can slide the amount of money you are willing to pay each month, which correlated to how soon/far you will pay off the debt completely. Let me show you what my current plan is:


I want to be debt free 1 year from now. I am aiming for the above goal which will force me to put $1,500 per month towards a better future. RFZ’s tool, for me, is inspiring. It gives me hope. It says…hey…here’s how you fucked up but here’s when you will have it fixed. Its something Im able to put in my budget easily….”$1500 to RFZ” It then has a suggested payment, breaking it down on whom to pay and how much. It trys to get you to pay off your highest interest card first, while also keeping the minimum payments of other cards into consideration. All things are accounted for, with minimum work on my end which I really like. So big shout out to this tool, I plan on using it to help me get to my goals. With this and other methods, I know ill be able to get there.

What are your tips or helpful insights on relieving debt? Id love to hear!


Just Dan Things…

Hey Friends,

Whats up? How is your Monday going? I had a nice weekend and had plenty of time to contemplate what id like to do with this blog. I’ve narrowed it down to three major things:

  1. Financial Freedom. My Journey of getting out of 10k in credit card debt
  2. Fitness. I enjoy being active, lets get active together
  3. Nutrition. Lets eat cake kale and other good stuff that hopefully tastes good

I believe that if you can master the three above mentioned topics, you are in control of your life. These three aspects define you as an individual and reflect a great deal about your characteristics. These three things are what I intend to focus on, sharing my thoughts and findings, and hopefully collaborate with others to help motivate myself or others and potentially inspire those in a similar situation. Ill document my personal journey from taking that red text I get to stare at when opening up my personal account that says -$10,000 every day, and getting it down to $0. (then after that lets become millionaires!).

I like to be active and try to workout 3 times a week (ha! Dont kid yourself Dan, you did it once last week). I’m constantly finding new workouts and neat ideas to burn calories so Id like to document that aspect of my life. I suck at running and I am not the best at lifting heavy weights, but I do what I can and have maintained a decent figure thus far because of it. My heaviest was 240lbs but I was tall so I hid it well, but I am currently 170lbs and intend on gaining some weight as lean muscle mass. So lets get this “ball rolling” on the fitness realm and get to better health together.

I’m a fan of nutrition but do not by any means claim to be a nutritionist. I am however a Googler….a googleritionist….. I try to find the best of the best when it comes to what to eat, supplements to take (most are garbage), and what to avoid at all costs. I plan on documenting the things I find interesting, worth trying and things I have tried that have worked for me.

Together I think we can all come together and perfect these three aspects of our lives, in which we will become gods  better people.

Now that the obligatory introduction post is over, let us begin……


Hello World

And so it begins.

I’ve been deciding on whether or not id like to start a blog for a long while now. Having my own thoughts and feelings expressed upon a public domain is kind of a scary idea, considering I wouldn’t want anyone that I know reading anything that I intend on blogging. Not to say that anything is incriminating or overly embarrassing per say, its just that its a new thing for me. Ill get over it.

I don’t read other peoples blogs. Nor have I ever really cared to. Unless you would consider Reddit in of itself a blog, then no, I have no real experience with blogs. So because of this I really don’t expect anyone out there to be reading my own blog. If you do, then…well….Thank you? I hope my thoughts bring some value to your life. I hope in some way it will make you a better person. I hope I can somehow inspire,

Ill keep this fist post short.

So Thanks